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Malin Photography specializes in family photography in the Knoxville, Chattanooga, and Johnson City.

I’m incredibly delighted to have spent the morning with the Richardson family, creating their family portraits in the heart of West Knoxville. Their laid-back, yet simple stylish, outfits blended seamlessly with the natural hues of the park, giving an authentic touch to their family session. I personally spent time and helped put this look together. Crafting personalized style boards for my cherished clients is one of the many methods I employ to elevate their experience.

We worked together to ensure this photoshoot was a pause button, and a moment dedicated solely to their love for each other and to celebrate Lily’s one year!

This little sunshine, Lily, is already stealing hearts with her twinkling eyes and heart-melting smile. Every giggle, every curious look she threw while exploring her surroundings, was a precious moment asking to be captured.

Hannah and Daniel adore their little girl! The smiles, the laughter, the way their eyes light up around Lily – it’s this genuine love and connection that makes my job as a family portrait photographer so rewarding. I get to freeze these beautiful moments in time, creating a legacy that families can cherish forever​

Capturing these intimate family moments as a Knoxville family portrait photographer is a joy like no other. The Richardson’s day was not just a photoshoot, but a celebration of their love and unity, forever encapsulated through the lens. If you’re looking for a family photographer in Knoxville to capture your family’s precious moments, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

dad and mom looking at each other smiling while holding baby girl looking at the camera
mom smiling and tickling baby girl
daddy holding baby girls hands while she stand up
baby holding mommys handing while standing and looking at the camera
the back of mom holding baby and twirling around while walking on a dirt path
mom and dad with baby in between from behind kissing babys cheeks. baby is looking at camera


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