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I recently had the delightful privilege of hosting a “Mommy and Me” session at the Highlight Studio in Fountain City. It was an incredible opportunity to witness and document such a display of genuine love and emotion, allowing me to freeze these precious memories in time.

Keeping the comfort of my clients in mind, I am proud to provide wardrobe style assistance through my unique portrait experience guide. This personalized approach is designed to reflect the natural emotion between mother and child, and to ensure their outfits resonate harmoniously with the studio’s clean and modern aesthetics.

During the recent session, I was overjoyed to see my clients’ clothing choices blending seamlessly into the basic white ambiance of the studio. Their natural style beautifully enhanced the authenticity of their moments between mother and child, allowing their photos to focus on their connections with their little ones.

The entire session, for me, was a celebration of motherhood and family. The expressions of joy, the soothing lullabies, the tender embraces – all resonated with a profound love and connection. As a motherhood photographer, there is immense satisfaction in capturing these intimate moments, creating a lasting legacy that families can cherish forever.

I offer more than just a photoshoot. I aim to create an experience filled with love, connection, and a celebration of motherhood. For families seeking a photographer in Knoxville, I’m here to transform your cherished family moments into timeless portraits. I welcome you to reach out, and together, we’ll capture the precious chapters of your family’s life journey.

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mom holding baby looking out window. knoxville baby photographer
black and white image of mom twirling baby girl around. knoxville baby photographer
mom holding baby boy
mom and baby girl holding hands standing and twirling in a circle. knoxville baby photographer
little boy looking over moms shoulder out the window. knoxville baby photographer.


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