Ice Cream Shops in Knoxville | My Top 3 Favorites

Here’s the scoop 😉

I am thrilled to share my favorite 3 ice cream shops in Knoxville with you! I don’t know that I can pick a favorite. From the delicious soft serve offered at Cruze Farm, the unique homemade scoops at Sugar Queen Creamery, and the darling atmosphere and affogato to die for at The Phoenix Pharmacy…it’s all too good not to share. So, go pick one of these and “chill” with your family and friends!

Cruze Farm

Cruze Farm is a family dairy farm in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Cruze Farm milk Jersey cows and make fresh churned ice cream with milk from our herd. We pasteurize and bottle real churned buttermilk, whole milk, light milk, chocolate milk, coffee milk, and seasonal flavored milks. Our cows are on pasture 365 days a year and are never given hormones. Our milk is not homogenized so the cream rises to the top. You will find our milk mostly in Knoxville at Three Rivers Market, Whole Foods, and locally owned shops. Our dairy is a state approved and inspected milk processing plant. Several years ago we placed a conservation easement on our farm and hope that it will now be “a farm forever.”

Sugar Queen Creamery

The Sugar Queen story began back in 2018. My mother, two sisters and I bought an old uniform truck with the hope to one day run and operate a food truck! Growing up in northern Indiana, we were surrounded by a “from scratch”  food culture, where every corner had an Amish bakery or local ice cream shop. When we moved down to East Tennessee in 2011, we realized that we had a specific gift with food and there was space here for something special! Years later we were opening up The Sugar Queen Doughnutry Food Truck, and now we stand in awe and gratitude at the doors of our very own brick and mortar- The Creamery. 

The Phoenix Pharmacy and Fountain

The Phoenix Pharmacy and Fountain began as the realization of a decades-old dream borne out of a nearly fifty-year relationship with the city of Knoxville and a desire to serve the people of this great community. Everything from our super-premium, small-batch ice cream to our peanut butter is hand-made from the freshest possible ingredients by people who care about providing the best possible experience for each guest every time.

With any of these ice cream shops in Knoxville, you’ll have a great spot anytime the cravings strike! Go grab your favorite people and check one out today! 

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